White Coat Syndrome is a medical mystery that very little is known about. The cause of the condition has been argued for a long time, as has the validity of the claims surrounding the condition.

Categorically, White Coat Syndrome is a form of hypertension, or high blood pressure, which only exhibits itself in a clinical situation – such as a doctor’s office, an emergency room, or a dental facility. Individuals that experience this – regardless of age – often find themselves experiencing moderate to severe bouts of fear.

white coat syndrome hypertensionThe reason for this has been the subject of much debate. Some doctors believe that the cause is due to anxiety from the clinical situation – especially in doctors’ and dentists’ offices –  that cause the blood pressure to elevate to unusually high levels.

However, there is no real proof to support this as most patients suffering from White Coat Syndrome hold jobs that are more stressful than the doctor’s visit or attend a school that involves coursework that is more stressful than that which occurs within a medical setting.

This is just one of many medical mysteries that do not seem to have a cause, nor does there seem to be a way to correct it.

This form of hypertension typically tends to recede once the patient is away from the medical office. The condition is difficult to diagnose accurately because the patients are typically not aware of any other time that their blood pressure elevates in an ordinary situation. It can be easier to diagnose whether or not the condition is valid in each individual case by simply monitoring the patient’s blood pressure during daily tasks.

There are devices that can be attached to the patient that monitors his blood pressure regularly and will record any abnormal elevations throughout a twenty-four-hour period. This devise can help accurately diagnose the issue at hand and can help your primary care physician find a solution. In some cases, this form of hypertension can eventually lead to more sustained hypertension, which can damage your organs.

While White Coat Syndrome is a common disorder, it is classified in the medical mysteries category because there is no known treatment, nor is there a definitive cause of the condition. However, if you find that you or your child suffers from this disorder, it is suggested that you treat it as though you have a very mild form of high blood pressure and diet, accordingly. It is best to consult with a medical professional regarding the issue – especially if a child or teenager experiences it.

Medications for blood pressure are not always recommended as they can cause the normal blood pressure to drop beyond normal lows and can cause adverse reactions – like fainting and fatigue. This disorder is normally non-fatal, despite the possibility of it becoming a more commonly occurring form of high blood pressure.

There is also little information that can be gained regarding these medical mysteries through standard tests, especially White Coat Syndrome, due to the times of the occurrences. While the solution for White Coat Syndrome is illusive, it is a common one and should be watched only to ensure that it does not progress to something more dangerous.

When opting for a doctor or dentist, it is imperative to only visit those that are calm and considerate of the development of this syndrome.

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