For teenagers that need their teeth straightened, Invisalign can offer a great alternative to braces. In fact, Invisalign has a special product family that’s specifically designed for teenagers.

Invisalign includes using a series of clear plastic aligners that have been custom made for the teen, offering an alternative to traditional metal braces when teens need their teeth straightened. Traditional braces can be a hassle for a teenager and for you as a parent.

Here’s a closer look at some of the top benefits of going with Invisalign for your teen.

Benefit #1 – They’re Not Noticeable

Teens are already self-conscious, and metal braces don’t help. Clear aligner trays are used for Invisalign treatment. They aren’t noticeable, yet they help your teen get that healthy, beautiful smile. Your teen is less likely to feel self-conscious about smiling in pictures and they won’t feel awkward smiling around their friends.

Benefit #2 – Fewer Dental Appointments

Traditional braces require regular adjustments, which means you can spend a lot of time at your dentist. However, Invisalign only requires new trays from time to time. This not only makes your teen happy, it will make you happy too, since you won’t have to free up more time to drive them to appointments.

Benefit #3 – No Need for Dietary Restrictions

Metal braces come with dietary restrictions, since certain foods can get stuck in braces. Dietary restrictions can be tough for teens, and many teens don’t follow them, which results in problems. With Invisalign, your teen can eat and drink anything. They simply remove the aligners when eating and then put them back in after eating and cleaning teeth.

Benefit #4 – Better Dental Hygiene

It’s tough to brush and floss with traditional braces. Sometimes patients end up needing special devices to make sure they can clean any food out of their braces. It’s easy to take care of dental hygiene with the plastic aligner trays. Simply remove them and brush and floss as normal after meals. It’s much easier to keep a teen sticking with a good dental hygiene routine if it’s easy.

Benefit #5 – Stick with an Active Lifestyle

There’s always the risk of injury when a teen wears braces while playing sports or doing other activities. However, Invisalign allows teens to stick with their active lifestyle without the risk of injury. When teens play sports, they can remove the aligners to prevent injury and use a dentist fitted mouthguard to keep teeth protected.

The cost of Invisalign is close to the same of traditional braces, and the benefits for teens make them an excellent option for you to consider. Give us a call today to set up a consultation to find out if this alternative to braces is a good choice for your teen’s teeth straightening needs.