tooth banking - trend for pediatric dental health

Tooth Banking?

Tooth banking is the acquisition and storage of the dental-based stem cells obtained from baby teeth. These cells have the unique ability to successfully regenerate into a variety of cell types. When a tooth is extracted by a pediatric dentist or other type of dental professional, the stem cells are then harvested from the pulp that is within the tooth.

According to numerous studies, the pulp from baby teeth and the pulp from wisdom teeth is the richest when it comes to the amount of present stem cells. Once harvested, the stem cells are preserved for an indefinite amount of time by being pulled from the pulp and then frozen cryogenically.

Why Opt for Tooth Banking?

As parents, we save money for our child’s college expenses, their extracurricular activities, and a multitude of other “firsts” and activities. We do this because we want our children to experience the best when it comes to possibilities and we want our kids to pursue that which they have an interest.

We want them to create memories and to experience a multitude of accomplishments. Banking a child’s teeth provides them with the best possibility for a future of optimal health.

Today, there are many therapies that are dependent upon the use of stem cells. As technology advances and we move forward, a wide variety of therapies is sure to arise. By engaging in this medical process today, our children have the ability to utilize the cutting-edge and lifesaving treatments for all of their tomorrows!

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Mesenchymal Stem Cells

The type of stem cells that are found within the dental pulp are mesenchymal. These particular stem cells are – eventually – directly responsible for the formation of the dentin on the tooth, the enamel, the pulp, the nerve-based tissues, and the blood vessels. By obtaining these amazing cells when a child is younger, there is a less of a chance of the process of calcification. Not only will the stem cells be readily available to the child as they age and/or encounter health complications, but they are considered to be an effective means of research into future stem cell procedures and therapies.

For example, it has recently been established that these specialized cells have the ability to create what is called, “hepatocytes”. It is expected that this will, eventually, make way for an effective cure against diabetes. Furthermore, these stem cells have been determined effective in treating injuries to the spinal cord, heart attacks, strokes, and various types of neurological diseases.

Tooth banking is quickly becoming an emerging trend among parents within the United States – especially those that are highly conscientious about their child’s health and well-being, from birth and beyond.

While stem cell therapy is often considered to be controversial, more and more professionals in the medical industry are starting to discover the numerous health-related advantages that these cells play in human health.

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