When your child has strong, healthy teeth, it is easier for them to have a strong, healthy body too. It is up to you to get your child started right in proper oral hygiene.

Part of this is introducing your child to pediatric preventative dental care early. Start making regular checkups part of your child’s dental routine when he or she is about a year old. Among the things the dentist will check for on each visit will include checking for possible decay or cavities, problems with the gums, checking for any oral health problems, ensuring that the teeth are erupting at the proper time and reviewing home dental hygiene with the parents.

When children visit the dentist regularly from an early age, they learn that the dentist is not someone to be feared since any problems are caught quite early before they become painful. Dental checkups become part of their routine.

Parents reviewing at-home care with the dentist during each visit helps parents stay on track with proper oral hygiene for their kids. As an added benefit, parents own oral hygiene often improves as they work with their kids on their oral hygiene.

Teaching is best done by example with most things and at-home dental care is no exception. A great way to help your children make dental hygiene a habit is to brush when your children do. Of course, when they are very young, you will do the brushing for them until they are old enough to do it for themselves. During this time in their lives, let them watch you take care of your teeth and then take care of their teeth. Even after your kids are brushing their teeth on their own, they should still be supervised to ensure they are using the proper methods and brushing well.

It can be helpful to use a timer when your children are brushing their teeth to make sure they are brushing long enough. They need to brush for at least two minutes. That can seem like a long time to kids so a timer signaling when they have brushed long enough can make sure they do brush long enough.

Be sure the brushes your kids use are the right size. If they are too big, kids won’t get their teeth brushed properly. The back teeth may be missed altogether. When your children are older, you can teach them to floss and how to use mouthwash.

Often, parents don’t realize how important good dental care is for children. It is more than just keeping the teeth in good shape. The teeth are part of the digestive system as well as part of the lingual system. When the teeth are not healthy, the whole body can suffer and speaking may be problematic. Good, all round dental care often translates to good overall health.