Pediatric dentists agree that sealant is an appropriate measure for protecting the appearance, structure, and functionality of the teeth.

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Dental sealant is a specially-designed plastic coating  placed directly on the surface of teeth. It’s important in in protecting the teeth against the onset of tooth decay.

While sealant may be placed on the front of the teeth, it is most commonly placed on the biting surfaces and on the back of the teeth.

Due to its thin and liquid-based properties, it bonds to the grooves and other depressions on the teeth quickly and easily. Once dried, it protects the enamel. The enamel, in turn, protects the tooth. The risk of the development of tooth decay is decreased by up to 50% when dental sealant is placed on the teeth.

Tooth Surface Protection

We all have pits, fissures, grooves, and other types of unique surface characteristics when it comes to our teeth. When we consume foods and beverages, these products have the ability to cling to the surfaces of the teeth. As this process continues to occur, plaque starts to develop.

This is a type of bacteria-created film that produces acid. As the acid invades the mouth, it attacks the teeth. This, in turn, results in the onset of tooth decay.

While brushing aids in the elimination of plaque, a toothbrush is incapable of thoroughly cleaning the pits, fissures, and other parts of the chewing surfaces. Dental sealants are placed over these areas after a professional teeth cleaning in order to keep debris from settling and causing decay and other oral health problems.

Ensure Sealants Stay Intact

Once dental sealants are placed on your child’s teeth, it will protect the surfaces of those teeth from the development of decay. Sealant is a highly durable substance that bond – typically through the means of a curing light – quickly.

This protective substance may be effective for months, or may be effective for years.

Each child is different and the coating has the ability to wear off at different rates; therefore, it is important that your child sees their dentist regularly to determine when the sealant must be re-administered.

If you are seeking to protect the appearance, functionality, and overall health of your child’s teeth, dental sealants are a must. For more information on dental sealants, contact us today to set up a consultation: