Fear of the Dentist

In most instances, a trip to a pediatric dentist is not considered to be an extraordinary event for children. However, there are many cases where the experience is absolutely terrifying. For adults that suffer from dental fears, assistance is either never sought or dental treatment is only pursued when an oral health problem becomes absolutely unbearable. Many parents may delay or avoid taking their child to a pediatric dentist because it causes such an immense degree of fear and anxiety. Unfortunately, this has a tremendous detrimental effect on a child’s oral health.

According to statistics, fear associated with dentists and/or the treatment that pediatric dentists provide is considered to be the main hindrance to the timely delivery of quality dental-based care. Pediatric dentists know and understand this fact. They have shaped their facilities and practice in such a way that they are able to meet the needs of kids and suit their preferences. Now, it is time for parents to make adjustments according to a child’s needs and preferences. This guide will offer some unique and effective solutions to reducing dental fears so that children may reap the benefits associated with optimal oral health.

The Parents’ Attitude Towards Dentists

According to studies, most parents have positive things to say when it comes to the topic of their child’s oral health. They know and understand the importance of being seen and cared for by a pediatric dentist; however, many state that their personal experiences with a dentist heavily influence their beliefs about oral health. Additionally, those experiences affect their behavior about dental care. If parents want their children to understand the importance of oral health and to overcome their fears associated with the dentist, they must adapt positive, supportive attitudes themselves. For example, if parents are unable to see the importance of oral health for the overall health of their child, their child will not appreciate that importance. However, if a parent believes that dentist care is just as important to their child’s health as medical care, the child is likely to develop this belief system, too.

Establish a Routine

One of the best ways to help children overcome their fear of the dentist is to ensure that a regular schedule is adhered to as far as dental visits are concerned. Studies were completed that established that 85% of parents last took their child to a dentist due to a problem. Only 15% expressed the fact that they took their child to the dentist for routine care. If parents set their child up with a dentist, they should make appointments every six months. Not only will a child overcome their fear, but they may actually look forward to their appointment.


A child must grow to understand that dental health is just as important as physical and/or mental health. Many adults do not realize it, but what happens in the mouth could affect the overall health of a child – not just up until the age of 18, but well beyond the age of 18, too. If parents want to help their child overcome the fear of the dentist, they must prioritize dental care. For more information regarding the importance of oral health care and/or tips on how to reduce a child’s fear of the dentist, visit our blog at: https://richmondpediatricdentistry.com/blog/