Preventive dental care isn’t just important for preventing cavities and other oral health problems. While our office focuses on teaching kids healthy oral hygiene habits, such as brushing teeth and caring for their gums, we also worry about what happens to their teeth outside of the office. If your child loves playing sports, sports-related dental injuries are quite common. The good news – we can offer care to help prevent these injuries, which is important as spring sports are getting into full swing.

Strengthening Teeth

One of the best ways to prevent sports-related dental injuries is to make sure your child’s teeth are strong, and we offer in-office fluoride treatments that can strengthen teeth. Not only do fluoride treatments strengthen teeth, they help reduce the occurrence of cavities as well. In fact, studies show that fluoride treatments for kids can help reduce tooth decay by up to 30%. Strong teeth are essential to preventing dental damage when kids are playing sports.

Keeping Teeth Healthy

Preventive Dental Care healthy teethHealthy teeth are less likely to be damaged, so we focus on offering preventive care that promotes healthy teeth and gums This involves doing cleanings twice a year to make sure tartar and plaque that has built up over time is removed. Along with those regular cleanings and checkups, we encourage parents to feed kids a diet that is mouth-healthy, which should include foods like veggies, dairy products, nuts, and lean proteins. It’s also essential to make sure you are limiting or avoiding candy and sodas, since they can damage your child’s teeth.

Quick Treatment for Dental Problems

Preventive Dental Care - quick treatmentWe also provide quick treatment for dental problems, since we understand that a decayed tooth has a greater risk of being damaged. If your child does have a dental problem, restoring the teeth to good health can help to prevent injury when your child is playing sports. Whether your child has a tooth infection or is dealing with decay, it’s important for these dental problems to be treated right away.

Providing a Mouthguard

One of the most important methods of preventing sports-related dental injuries is to make sure your child wears a mouthguard when practicing and playing their favorite sport. Mouthguards offer a protective barrier between a child’s teeth and hockey sticks, fly balls, bats, elbows, etc. If your child is playing a sport, everything is taking place at a fast pace and balls and other items may be flying around.

It’s tough to control what may come your child’s way while they’re playing, but a mouthguard can prevent objects from coming into direct contact with your child’s teeth. Our office can fit your child with a mouthguard, preventing some of the most common sports-related dental injuries and preserving your child’s oral health.

Playing sports offers many benefits to your children, but accidents do happen.

Make sure your child is protected by keeping them up to date with their routine preventive dental care.

Schedule your child’s appointment this spring to make sure their teeth are ready for the season’s most exciting sports!

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