All children should obtain pre-orthodontic guidance regarding developing dentition within the mouth. “Dentition” refers to the way that the teeth are arranged and their overall condition. Here at Richmond Pediatric Dentistry, we offer early check-ups to ensure that the teeth are developing appropriately and are able to address specific issues, as they arise. Continue reading to learn about these pre-orthodontic-based observation check-ups.

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Critical Component of Oral Health Care

Pre-orthodontic assessments are considered to be a critical component of oral health care when it comes to pediatric patients. A pediatric dentist should carefully evaluate and monitor the eruption and the overall development of the primary teeth, the mixed, and the permanent teeth.

This type of evaluation should be performed on a regular basis until the permanent teeth have all erupted and developed and there is a high level of functional stability in the mouth and/or until the teeth are considered to be aesthetically-pleasing.

Our Role

Dentists that specialize in the care of children have the responsibility to immediately recognize, appropriately diagnose, and manage any abnormalities within the mouth within the scope of our knowledge and expertise. If the issue extends that which we are able to assist, we make the appropriate referral for the problem.

By tracking a child’s oral health throughout their childhood – from infancy to adulthood – we have the distinct advantage of ensuring that measures are taken quickly and effectively in order to optimize the child’s oral health.

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Factors That Have an Impact on the Success of Pre-Orthodontic Guidance

While we work to ensure that all the kids we see are taken care of, there are a few factors that could have an impact on the overall success of the pre-orthodontic guidance that we provide. These include:

  • The cognitive, emotional, and physical age of the child and their ability to understand and fully cooperate with the treatments that we encourage
  • The presence of oral habits
  • The parent’s or guardian’s support during the treatment process
  • The presence of craniofacial issues
  • The growth of the craniofacial structures

Main Issues

When we provide early checkups for orthodontic issues and dental care, we screen for many different issues. These include – but, are not limited to, the following:

  1. If the upper jaw region is growing too narrowly
  2. If there is room in the mouth for the adult teeth to erupt and grow appropriately
  3. If the child has any habits involving their fingers or their thumbs
  4. If there are too many teeth in the mouth
  5. If there are too few teeth in the mouth
  6. If a tooth’s location in the mouth will negatively impact the child’s ability to appropriately care for it
  7. If there are any type of misalignments in the jaw area
  8. If there are misalignments with the teeth
  9. If there are complications with the gum tissue
  10. The presence of dental caries


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