Pediatric dental emergencies can be one of the scariest of all oral health issues for both parents and children; however, these events are also very common.

dental emergencies

By learning a few basic care guidelines, you can be prepared for the most commonly experienced injuries and accidents that detrimentally impact the mouth. Remember, should an emergency occur, stay calm.

This is – by far – one of the most important care guidelines.

Next, should the child’s head become injured or if they lose consciousness, remember to get to the emergency room or your child’s physician as quickly as possible. A clean cloth or a sterilized piece of gauze should be used against sources of bleeding. Now that you know the basic guidelines, it is time to move on and learn about the other care guidelines for common pediatric dentistry emergencies.

Knocked Out Baby Tooth

If your baby’s tooth is knocked out from the mouth, it is essential that you meet with your pediatric dentist as quickly as possible. Replanting of the tooth should be completely avoided. This is because – behind that tooth – is a developing tooth that will be permanent. If there is bleeding, simply apply a clean cloth or a sterilized piece of gauze to the area in order to prevent further health complications.

Permanent Tooth Knocked Out

Immediately locate the tooth that was emitted from the mouth and rinse it in cool water. If it is possible and safe to do so, place the tooth back into the socket that it originally came from. You should hold it in place with sterile gauze. If this is not possible, place it in a tightly sealed container that includes milk or water. Immediately thereafter, get to the pediatric dentist as quickly as possible. If the dentist is closed, call the emergency number. These steps will help in saving the tooth.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

Rinse your child’s mouth with clean water and place the chipped or broken piece in a tight container with milk. Then, use a cold compress on the gums to prevent swelling and pain. Get in to see your child’s pediatric dentist as quickly as possible.

Blow to Jaw and/or Head

Simply call 911 and get your child medical attention as quickly as possible. The dentist aspect of care may be administered at a later time.


Rinse the child’s mouth with water and provide them with over-the-counter pain relievers. A cold compress may be placed against the face of the sufferer child to ease the symptoms from the toothache. Do not use heat and do not place aspirin on the affected area as this could result in further complications. Get your child in to their pediatric dentist office as quickly as possible.

Richmond Pediatric Dentistry specializes in dental emergencies, preventive care, and dental treatment for children. If you find yourself facing one of the dental emergencies in this guide (apart from the blow to the jaw, blow to the head, and loss of consciousness) contact us immediately; otherwise, call 911 and get your child to a physician as quickly as possible. Our phone number is 765-966-7602.

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