Natural and Effective Teething Remedies for Infants

If you have a child that is between the ages of 4 months and 7 months, you should learn as much as you possibly can about teething.

The appearance of the first tooth in an infant’s mouth is an important milestone; however, the process leading up to the emergence of the tooth may prove to be exceptionally challenging.

Most infants experience a number of unfavorable symptoms during the teething process. These may include extreme levels of irritability, heavy drooling, gum sensitivity, and the inability to sleep peacefully.

Additionally, a low-grade fever, diarrhea, and the development of diaper rash may develop as a result of the increased saliva production. In this brief guide, you will be introduced to a few natural and highly effective teething remedies for infants.

Eliminate Discomfort by Applying Cold Items to the Gums

The first natural and effective remedy that aids in the elimination of teething discomfort is applying cold items to the gums.

These items may include a partially frozen cloth, chilled fruits, and cold teething devices.

The cool temperatures associated with these items aid in numbing the gums, aids in reducing swelling, and – if your child lacks an appetite and you use cold foods (such as cold yogurt) – they aid in providing much-needed nutrient.

Utilize Chamomile


Chamomile is a natural remedy that aids in relaxing the nerves and soothing the pain that is often associated with teething.

For an infant, you may create a tea and freeze it in ice cube trays.

Once the cube has formed, place it in a specially-designed muslin bag and allow the infant to chew on it. As the cube starts to melt, the child will reap the benefits of the chamomile.

You can also purchase ingestible chamomile, place a bit of it on your finger and rub it on the infant’s gums.

Topical Relief Options

There are several topical pain relief options that may soothe the pain and discomfort caused by teething in an infant. You may purchase homeopathic over-the-counter products such as the teething tablets offered by Hyland’s or you may use clove oil on the baby’s gums.

Coconut oil is also considered suitable for infant’s gums.

There are numerous natural and effective teething remedies available for infants. If your child is in pain or discomfort, any of the remedies outlined in this guide will be highly effective. As always, you must first consult with a pediatric dentist before starting any type of natural remedy – especially when it comes to infants.

In addition to either approving or disapproving the treatment, the pediatric dental specialist may also be able to provide additional treatment options that will aid your child during the teething process.

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