Now that Spring is upon us and the weather is warmer, many kids will be heading out to engage in their favorite sports activities; read this article to learn how to keep those precious pearly whites safe while engaging in those activities.

Keep your childs teeth safe while playing sports

Spring is a wonderful time of the year that is highly anticipated by both kids and adults. Generally considered an optimal time for outdoor sporting activities, it is also considered to be the season for a vast array of dental complications. All sports activities put your child at risk for dental injury.

In terms of injuries associated with sports, teeth injuries are considered to be among the most common.

Before allowing your child to head out to the field, read this guide to learn how to keep their teeth safe while they play in their favorite sports.

Mouthguards help prevent broken teeth, tooth loss, mouth tissue injury, and internal tooth damage…” – Unknown

young football player with mouthguard

The Mouth Guard

The number one method and most recommended strategy for keeping teeth safe while engaging in spring sporting activities is to wear a mouth guard. According to statistics, these magnificent dental protection devices will prevent in excess of 200,000 injuries each and every single year.

Given the fact that one out of every three injuries incurred as a result of playing sports are dental related, the dental mouth guard is an absolute must.

What is a Dental Mouth Guard?

A dental mouth guard is a flexible dental appliance that is composed of either a soft plastic or a special type of lamination. It is used to not only protect the teeth during sporting activities, but to protect the cheeks, the jaws, and the tongue. These devices are purchased at the dentist, who is able to create custom-fitted pieces.

Why Should My Child Wear A Dental Mouth Guard?

The dental mouth guard has the unique capability of preventing a multitude of serious injuries. These include chipped and broken teeth, fractures of the jaw, and even cerebral-based hemorrhages. Furthermore, the unique design of the dental guard aids in moving the soft tissues in the mouth away from the teeth areas. This aids in preventing lacerations and bruises.

Are There Any Sports Where Mouth Guards are Necessary?

Yes, all collision sports participants must wear a mouth guard for their protection. Examples of these types of activities include boxing, football, and hockey. Children that play contact sports – such as baseball, wrestling, softball, and basketball – are highly advised to wear mouth guards for their protection.

How Do I Get a Dental Mouth Guard for My Child?

If your child plays sports, a dental mouth guard is a must. In order to start the process of obtaining this dental appliance, simply contact the pediatric dentistry office of Dr. Jay at Richmond Pediatric Dentistry today.

Dr. Jay specializes in custom-fitted dental guards that will keep your child safe while on the playing field. His office accepts most insurance plans and works with every patient to ensure that the financial aspect of treatment is no problem for your budget.