Creative Ways to Transition the Mundane Task of Brushing Teeth into an Exciting One for Your Child

bathroom toothbrushes

For most people – kids included – brushing the teeth is boring. But it doesn’t have to be. While the common two to three times a day brushing in your household often results in a battle, it is possible for you to win.

It is well worth anything that you have to go through as regular oral hygiene helps to prevent the complications of poor dental hygiene – which includes tooth decay, the development of cavities, speech delays, tooth pain, infections, and even diabetes. In this guide, you will learn a few creative ways to get your child excited about taking care of their teeth.

Practicing on Others

If you find that encouraging your child is a daunting task, encourage them to practice on others.

For this activity, “others” includes you and other adults in the home.

Simply give them a toothbrush and have them perform the task on an adult. The chosen adult should seem really excited and make it appear as if they are having an awesome time.

If you prefer, you may have them brush the teeth of a doll. There are many available. Top examples include:

  • SmileCare Finn the Shark
  • Lil’ Magi Dragon
  • Lil’ Farley Flossisaurus
Little girl in pink pajamas in bathroom brushing teeth

The Silly Sugar Bugs

Use your imagination to make brushing fun by sharing a story about the “silly sugar bugs”. These little creatures attack the inside of the mouth and the only defense is brushing and flossing.

In order to make it more enjoyable, you can purchase a cape that can be placed on your child while they are brushing.

This way, it is as if they are a real superhero!

Set an egg timer for two minutes and tell them that if they brush until it goes off, they have defeated all of the silly sugar bugs and win the “battle”. If they “win”, give them a sticker or another small reward.

Incorporate Music to Brushing

There are brushing apps that you may use in order to incorporate a little music to your child’s brushing routine.

You may play this app during the time that they are brushing. As long as it is safe to do so, you may let them dance a little to the beat of the music during the process. Once the music stops, they will be all done with their brushing.

We Can Help

We here at Richmond Pediatric Dentistry have many creative ideas on how to get your child excited about brushing. You can bring them in and we will teach them the proper brushing technique and inform them of just how important proper oral care is. Then, we can share many creative techniques on how to make the process fun and engaging at home. If you have already visited for information on the proper brushing technique, you may give us a call for fun, creative ideas on how to make brushing fun. Just call us today at: 765-966-7602