If you have a self-conscious teenager that insists their teeth be brighter and whiter, you can now relax. Did you know you can take a professional home whitening kit with you the next time you visit the pediatric dentist office.

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Teeth whitening has gained popularity the past few years. It is so popular that teenagers are now swiping the bleaching kits from the shelves.

Unfortunately, the over-the-counter teeth bleaching kits may be detrimental to your child’s oral health.

If you have a teenager that absolutely insists upon the need to treat their teeth with a whitener, it is imperative that you only allow them to use the professional take home whitening systems that are currently available through their pediatric dentist’s office.

While it is true that these take-home teeth whiteners are a bit costlier than the over-the-counter products, they are considered to be safer for your child.

Home Whitening Kits

A home whitening kit typically includes one of two types of peroxide – either hydrogen or carbamide. The system will include a dental tray that is custom-fitted for your child’s teeth. This helps to reduce the possibility of the solution coming into contact with the gums and resulting in discomfort and/or damage. These trays also ensure the perfect distribution of the solution among all of the teeth being treated.

The whitening systems that your pediatric dentist has available is tailored to your teenager. In order to get the right tray, fit and the perfect mixture of the solution, the following steps are taken:

  1. The pediatric dentist will take detailed impressions of your teen’s teeth. This is done with specially-designed dental putty. Once the impressions are made, the results are then sent directly to a lab where the tray will be made.
  2. The next step is determining the color and shade of the teeth to be treated. The pediatric dentist will want to make certain that the color is recorded both before and after the treatment process.
  3. Your teen will be scheduled for a follow up appointment. At this appointment, the tray and solution will be provided. Here, the dentist will instruct the teen on how to properly use the product so that maximum results are achieved.
  4. The dentist will then outline how long your teen will need to do the treatment. They will also provide comprehensive instructions on the brushing, flossing, and rinsing process while utilizing the take-home whitening system.
  5. Finally, once the teen has done the treatment for the specified amount of time, they will return to the dentist to see their results and to schedule any necessary touch ups performed. Additionally, the dentist will do an examination to ensure that the teeth and other areas of the mouth have not been detrimentally impacted by the solution.

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If your teenager insists they need to have their teeth whitened, always consult with a dentist. Over-the-counter products can be harmful and a good dental cleaning might be all that is necessary. To learn more about how to get a home whitening kit, simply contact us today.

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