Foods and Drinks Known to Stain Teeth and Those That Aid in Preventing Stains

There are several substances contained within food products and drinks that may lead to the development of stains on the teeth. The first is a chemical compound known as chromogens. These give consumable products a strong color.

Then, there is a substance called “tannin”. This causes the color compounds within food products to actually stick to the teeth.

Finally, there are the acids contained in many consumable products. These cause stains because the acid actually softens the enamel and results in erosion. Rough patches then develop and stains are able to easily form in those areas. As a parent or guardian, it is imperative to learn which consumables are capable of staining the teeth of your child and which ones aid in preventing stains. In this guide, you will learn just that.

Red Candy can Stain Childs Teeth

Stain-Producing Foods

The following outlines the most common stain-producing foods, as it pertains to a child’s teeth:

  1. Candies with High Levels of Dye – Candies and other food products that are brightly colored typically include a high level of food coloring dye. These are known to aggressively result in discoloration of the teeth. When your child consumes the product, does it cause staining on the tongue, the lips, or around the mouth? If so, it is also staining the teeth. In addition to the dye, most of these products contain high levels of sugar, which can harm the enamel of the teeth and result in further complications. Examples of items with high levels of dye and sugars include lollipops, ring pops, and similar candies.
  2. Citrus – While it is true that citrus products – such as oranges, grapefruit, and lemons – are excellent for the health, they are not so good for the teeth. This is because of the fact that they contain high levels of citric acid. When the teeth are exposed to this acid, erosion may occur. In turn, they may result in the staining of the teeth and other types of damage – such as tooth decay and chipping.
  3. Dark Food Products – If dark-colored fruits and vegetables are consumed – such as blackberries, grapes, beets, tomatoes, and raspberries – it could result in the staining of the teeth. These items may and should remain in the diet, but the teeth should be rinsed and brushed immediately after consumption.
child with juice

Stain-Producing Drinks

In terms of drinks that children consume, there are several that have the capability of producing stains. These include:

  1. Certain Fruit Juices – There are several fruit juices on the market that contain a lot of pigmentation that could result in the staining of the teeth. Examples include those that are high in sugar – such as those that contain berries and cherries.
  2. Soda – Carbonated drinks are highly acidic. Even the clearest sodas have the capability of staining the teeth. These should be avoided at all costs.
  3. Tea – This type of beverage is not only acidic, but contains a high level of tannins. It does not matter the type of tea or the temperature.
vegetables promote clean teeth

Stain Prevention Foods and Drinks

The good news is, there are a lot of foods and drinks that actually help prevent the staining of the teeth. These include nuts, green vegetables, fruits and vegetables that contain a high level of fiber and/or water, cheese, and water.

In addition to foods and drinks that prevent the staining of the teeth, good oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist are capable of keeping the teeth clean, white, and free of stains. To set up an appointment for a comprehensive cleaning, contact us today by calling: 765-966-7602