Are fillings in baby teeth with the presence of cavities considered to be a necessary task?

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It is becoming increasingly common for pediatric dentists to discover the development of a cavity in a baby tooth. Is it necessary to obtain fillings in baby teeth? Many experts say “yes”; however, there are some exceptions. Baby teeth are a critical component to the child’s overall oral health.

They must be viewed as just as important as the permanent teeth and cared for in an appropriate fashion. They aid in hearing, speaking, and ensuring that the permanent teeth coming in behind them are capable of erupting in a healthy and proper manner.

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If a baby tooth displays the signs of a small cavity, it is quite possible – through remineralization – for repair to occur.

Remineralization enhances the overall health of the tooth and aids in the prevention of the growth and spread of the cavity.  Remineralization typically includes encouraging a diet that is appropriate for healthy teeth and optimizing dental hygiene efforts.

If the diseased baby tooth is likely to fall out, many dentists will recommend allowing this to happen, over fillings in baby tooth.

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Each situation is different; therefore, parents should simply follow the advice of their pediatric dentist on the steps to be taken.

In 2014, the organization known as the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists concluded that 60% of all kids will have experienced some degree of tooth decay in the mouth by the time that they are 5 years of age. If the disease is not treated appropriately, it could lead to a multitude of oral health complications.

These include the onset of potentially dangerous infections, problems in chewing, and even the development of malnutrition within the body. Furthermore, pain may be experienced. School-aged children may suffer from bullying and emotional issues as a result of tooth decay in the baby teeth that have yet to fall out.

Parents who are struggling with the concept of fillings in the baby teeth must know and understand that decay is a disease. It is not only caused by potentially dangerous germs, it can be spread to other regions of the mouth. Furthermore, if left untreated, it can cause a lifetime of dental health issues.

If tooth decay is easily spread – as confirmed by dental health professionals – its effects can roll over to the permanent teeth that have yet to erupt in the mouth. Therefore, by bypassing fillings in baby teeth, you may actually be causing harm to the permanent teeth.

Fillings in baby teeth help stop cavities and the tooth decay that causes the cavities from spreading. While, yes, it is true that the baby teeth will fall out, it is not true that one should avoid dealing with a cavity eruption based on this fact. In fact, by avoiding fillings in baby teeth, there is nearly a 100% chance that the permanent teeth that will erupt in the future will experience many detrimental effects.

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