In today’s world, many children and teenagers are suffering from superficial stains and other types of irregularities associated with the enamel.

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Parents seek dental intervention to improve their child’s smile, increase their self-confidence, and optimize their oral health.

There are numerous reasons why the tooth stains and/or defects may occur. These include amelogenesis imperfecta, hypoplasia, white spots due to mineralization, and fluorosis. If you have noticed stains and irregularities on your child’s teeth, continue reading to learn how the enamel microabrasion technique can help.

What is The Enamel Microabrasion Technique?

Enamel microabrasion is the process of utilizing abrasive and acidic-based agents. Examples of these agents include phosphoric acid, pumice, hydrochloric acid, and silica. These agents are applied to the surface of the enamel with a mechanical-based pressure. It is typically emitted from a rubber type of cup that is powered by a micromotor that causes low levels of rotation.

In many instances, this procedure combines the use of a safe dental bleaching substance to optimize the aesthetic results. Considered to be a relatively conservative and successful treatment, the overall results associated with the procedure is based on the overall depth of the visible stain or defect. Studies have confirmed that this is a minimally-invasive strategy for eliminating dental stains and is safe for children.

First Course of Treatment for Stains

In children and teenagers that have intrinsic and extrinsic superficial-based stains on the enamel, this is considered to be the first course of treatment for stains. The result that stems from the procedure depends heavily upon the depth of the stains – as stated previously – and the child’s level of cooperation.

While the child may experience a slight level of discomfort, it will quickly be relieved. There is a minimal amount of wear associated with the surface of the tooth, too. Only a very small amount of the structure must be removed during the structure. There is no pain and sensitivity after the procedure. Best of all, the procedure typically only requires one session for completion.

The Benefits

There are several benefits of enamel microabrasion for dental discolorations. First, it actually removes the stain and does not simply cover up the stain. Second, it only takes a short amount of time to complete. This procedure is highly effective for reducing the need for restorative materials to be applied to the teeth and/or the preparation of dental cavities. Best of all, it does not cause any type of injuries or destruction to the pulp of the tooth or the associated periodontal-based tissue.

If you have an interest in improving the appearance of your child’s teeth and eliminating those troublesome stains, you may set up a consultation today. Our services are quick, simple, and highly affordable. We have the ability to optimize your child’s oral health, create healthy gums, and to create a smile that will reflect beauty and optimal health for the duration of your child’s life.

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