As a parent, it is quite likely that you have heard the question, “Do I really need to brush my teeth twice a day?” more than once from your child. While considered one of the most important steps to optimal dental health, most children regard brushing their teeth as a boring, mundane, and frustrating task. And let’s face it. Toothpaste tastes bad.

The truth of the matter, though, is yes, it is necessary to brush – a minimum – of twice each and every single day.

Children brushing their teeth

The “Bad Guys”

If you are having a hard time explaining to your child why it is necessary to brush twice a day, it is time to talk to them about the “bad guys” of the mouth – bacteria and plaque.

If brushing is only done once a day, these two guys quickly take over the mouth.

Bacteria is known to thrive on the particles left behind by food products and beverages. As the bacteria in the mouth expands, it results in the formation of plaque. This can result in bad breath, the gum tissue becoming diseased, and the development of tooth decay.

Plaque can progress to the point where it actually attacks the enamel of the tooth. Over time, this can turn into a hole and a cavity can develop.

The Battle

If a child only brushes once a day, an immense war occurs within the mouth. Then, the battle continues below the gum line.

This causes irritation.

The irritation results in an inflammatory response in the body. Pockets then develop between the gum tissue and the teeth. Infections can develop at this point. The longer this occurs, the deeper the pockets become.

At the end of this ongoing battle, the bones that support the teeth and the teeth themselves may start to disintegrate and loss may occur.

Not only is this serious for the child’s overall dental health, but it can cause an immense level of discomfort and pain.

Cheerful father and son brushing teeth in bathroom

Winning the Battle

In order to win the battle over the bad guys within the mouth, it is essential that a child brushes at least twice a day.

They should use a toothpaste that contains fluoride.

They should also rinse the mouth a minimum of twice a day with a mouthwash that contains fluoride.

Once a day, they should be encouraged to floss between each of the teeth.

To further enhance the health of their mouth, they may also brush the inside of the cheeks, as well as the tongue.

Seeing a Pediatric Dentist

The next step that should be taken in order to boost the health of your child’s mouth is ensuring that they see a pediatric dentist on a regular basis.

This professional will thoroughly clean the teeth and examine all areas of the mouth. If any issues are discovered, the pediatric dentist will address them immediately.

The good news is, many issues can be reversed with the proper dental care. Other issues can be treated successfully.

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