When your child starts losing baby teeth, it’s exciting and a little sad at the same time. It’s a sure sign they are starting to grow up. The question is: what do you do with those baby teeth once they fall out? Some parents decide to keep them as a keepsake of their child’s childhood, while other parents simply throw them away.

For many, it seems a bit strange to hang on to all a child’s baby teeth.

What do you do with them? Do you keep them in a box or envelope? Do you just save a couple of the teeth, or do you save all of the teeth?

What do you do if you have multiple children? Do you separate all the teeth or save them all together? How do you even go about labeling these “keepsakes?”

Seems a little weird to have teeth laying around labeled with your child’s name. And what happens if your child who still thinks the Tooth Fairy is real accidentally stumbles across all those teeth?

Take a minute to think about how it would feel to look at those lost baby teeth.

Really, it’s a reminder of how quickly your kids are growing up, which may make you feel a bit melancholy.

a great way to save baby teeth

Here’s a great way to save your child’s baby teeth!

Perhaps you’d like to pull them out and spend some time remembering your child’s younger years, but it still seems like a strange way to do that.

Simply tossing those old teeth in the trash may seem a little cold.  Sure, you could try to do something creative with the teeth rather than tucking them away somewhere, but that just seems like you’re getting a bit creepy.

Maybe the teeth have a bit more sentimental value than your child’s clipped toenails, something you simply toss in the trash without thinking twice. If you’re tossing those teeth in the trash, it does save you some clutter, and you won’t have to worry about feeling sad when you open a forgotten envelope containing them someday in the future.

There is a compromise here.

Instead of saving all the teeth or throwing them all away, you could simply save one tooth from each of your children.

You’ll have something to remember those younger years by, but you won’t have a whole stash of teeth for posterity to find someday. I think this option probably makes the most sense without being cold or creepy.

Of course, I’m interested in knowing what you think on the topic?

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