Orthodontic issues have the potentially to negatively impact your child’s overall oral health so, as a parent, it is very important to identify the signs that your child needs braces.

What are Braces?

Braces straighten teeth. We know that. Additionally, these devices aid in positioning the teeth to make sure that they are lined up with the bite, correct various bite issues, correct gaps, and focus on resolving flaws of both the teeth and the jaw in order to optimize a person’s general level of oral health.

I had braces and I had to wear headgear! I loved my braces, actually. For me, they were like a piece of jewelry! Instead of the silver or pewter, I had gold braces. It was so much fun! I loved them! I got to change the colors and stuff and I had the rubber bands…”Jordin Sparks

What Are Some Signs That My Child Will Benefit from Braces?

The following outlines the most common signs that braces are necessary for your child:

  • If your child’s baby teeth came in too early or too late, there could be an issue with the alignment of the teeth and braces may be necessary.
  • If the baby teeth are lost too early, too late, or in an irregular manner, you need to consult with a pediatric dentist to determine if braces are appropriate for your child.
  • Teeth that become blocked-out within the mouth, become crowded, or are just misplaced may be in need of braces to correct the issue(s).
  • If a child’s jaws make unusual noises or are known to shift, it is likely that braces will be beneficial to their oral health.
  • If the teeth clamp down on the insides of the cheeks or cause wounds to the roof of the mouth, braces are probably an ideal choice for the child.
  • If the jaws appear to be irregular to the structure of the face, braces are likely necessary.
  • If the teeth meet in the mouth in an abnormal fashion, it is necessary to meet with a pediatric dentist to determine if braces are needed.

What Are the Underlying Causes of Oral Health Complications That Require Braces?

There are many reasons why a child may need braces. These include genetic makeup, nutrition deficiencies, improper space in the mouth, physiological deformities, accidents, breathing through the mouth, thumb-sucking, dental decay, and similar issues.

At What Age Should My Child Get Braces?

According to pediatric dentists, the age that a child should get braces varies on a patient to patient basis. In some instances, orthodontic-based treatments may start as early as 8 years old. In other instances, a child may be 14 years of age or older. There are some situations where a pediatric dentist will recommend orthodontic treatments when a child is younger than 8 years old and the baby teeth are still in the mouth.

How Do I Find Out If My Child Needs Braces?

In order to determine if your child needs braces, you will need to make an appointment with a pediatric dentist to have your child evaluated and to express your concerns about any oral health issues you have noticed.

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