Babys first dental visit is a very important milestone in both the life of the child and their parents; therefore, it is important to know when this event should take place, what to expect, and how to properly prepare.

First Tooth or First Birthday.

When Should I Take My Baby to The Dentist the First Time?

The first dental visit is an event that should transpire immediately following the emergence of the very first tooth, and absolutely no later than the very first birthday.

Baby teeth, which are also referred to as “primary teeth”, are highly critical to the overall dental health of a child.

These initial teeth must be strong and healthy as they aid in activities, such as chewing and speaking. Additionally, they help hold the area within the jaws for those permanent, adult teeth that are growing directly underneath the gums.

What Happens at My Baby’s First Dental Visit?

Upon visiting the pediatric dentist for the very first time, the professional will carefully examine your baby’s mouth to determine if the teeth and the jaw are developing appropriately.

In most instances, you will hold your child to ensure their comfort level. As the examination takes place, the dentist will evaluate for oral injuries, cavities, and other types of issues that can detrimentally impact the oral health. Immediately after the examination, the teeth and mouth will be cleaned.

You will then be provided with tips on how to properly care for your baby’s mouth, gum, and teeth. The pediatric dentist will make the first dental visit fun and exciting for your little one.

How Can I Prepare for my Baby’s First Dental Visit?

A baby of 1 year or less has no true concept of what a dentist is or what they do; however, you can still get your child excited about the visit and do a few things to prepare for the event. First, you should tell your child how special their teeth are. You may opt to buy them a “tooth” doll, or some type of toy that lets them play with fake teeth or mouths. You could even get them dental coloring books, help them make teeth with playdough products, or watch videos online about teeth.

There are many games, songs, and other fun activities that may help you get your baby ready for their very first dental visit. When listening to and learning songs about going to the dentist, get your child up and moving, clap your hands, and make a big deal out of the event. For an example of a going to the dentist song and other original songs.

We’re Ready!

If you and your little one are ready for their first dental visit, we here at Richmond Pediatric Dentistry can make it a very special event! Dr. Jack J. Reynolds specializes in working with children of all ages, but especially babies! His positive energy and natural knack for putting kids at ease can make your child’s first dental visit a fun and memorable one!

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