You make sure your child’s teeth are brushed and flossed following the dentist’s recommendations to the letter so you might wonder why it is necessary to take them in for checkups and cleaning every 6 months. Even if brushing and flossing is done diligently, it is just a part of maintaining good dental health.

6 month checkup at the dentist

No matter how well teeth are cared for at home, plaque and tartar can still build up to a small degree. Removing that buildup every 6 months is important for teeth to stay strong and not develop areas of decay. When you take your child in for these checkups and cleanings, the dentist will be able to ascertain whether any cavities are starting to develop. If caught early and treated, the damage can be minimized.

Cavities are not the only potential problem the dentist will be checking for. The bite will be checked to make sure it is not developing in a way that could be a problem later. When treated early, bite problems are easier and quicker to correct.

Gums are examined to be sure they are healthy. Gum disease is a common problem, especially among those who don’t get regular checkups. When the early signs of possible gum disease are caught early, it is usually simple to treat and restore good gum health.

The way the teeth are coming in is also checked. Teeth sometimes come in crowded or widely spaced. Again, this is something that can be corrected easier if caught early. Maintaining the room needed for all the teeth the child will eventually get is necessary and making adjustments to make sure the needed room will be there when the teeth that come in later years helps the child have better dental health all through those years.

The dentist will likely check for how the jaw is aligned as well since that affects how the teeth come together. When the teeth don’t come together as they should, the chewing surfaces of the teeth wear in a way they shouldn’t. Sometimes, they don’t come together well enough for proper chewing. A misaligned jaw needs to be caught as early as possible since it not only affects dental health but also overall health.

Checkups and cleaning every 6 months is essentially preventative dental care. Its purpose is to avoid as much as possible the necessity of restorative dental care. When you compare the two in terms of comfort and cost, checkups and cleaning every 6 months comes out on top. It is more important than you realize.

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